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Audition Day/Time set for Spring Production, Savannah Sipping Society 


BRTG has a director for the Spring show, Toni Carosella! She has set the audition days and times. 


Check out Auditions for more information.

BRTG Heading to Pippinfest!


Come see our booth at this year's Pippinfest in Fairfield!

Showtimes set for Fall Production, Moon Over Buffalo 


BRTG, in partnership with Quincy Retirement Home and Fairfield Fire House, will be performing Moon Over Buffalo. Dates and times have been set in October 2018.


Check out Shows for more information.

Fall Production, Moon Over Buffalo, Cast Chosen


Director, Ron Harris, has cast the play for Moon Over Buffalo. Rehearsals have begun!


George Hay: Tom Rodgers
Charlotte Hay: Cookie Driscoll
Rosalind (Roz): Lisa Hatch
Howard: Travis Sanders
Paul: Blaine Hatch
Ethel: Erica Miranda
Richard: Ryyn Currey
Eileen: Toni Carosella

Crew Members

Stage Manager / Line Coach: Hilary Snesrud

Sound Engineer/Designer: Tom Rodgers, Buzz Waltz

Lighting, Set Design: Wayne Snesrud, Hilary Snesrud

Videographer: pending

Auditions for Fall Production, Moon Over Buffalo Scheduled 


BRTG will be holding auditions for Moon Over Buffalo mid-July at the Fairfield Fire House. Our Fall production is seeking not only actors, but, crew members as well.


Check out Auditions for more information.

Spring Production Wrapped Up for Caught in the Net


BRTG wraps up its Spring production, Caught in the Net

The sequel to Run For Your Wife finds our bigamist taxi-driver, John Smith, still trying to keep both his families apart; however, it seems as if his teenaged children, one girl and one boy, have met each other on the Internet and are bound and determined to meet. Can he continue to keep up the charade? Can he keep his two families apart? Come and find out!

Director: Ron Harris, mayor of Carroll Valley, PA


John Smith, taxi-driver: Tom Rodgers

Barbara Smith, wife in Streatham: Lucia Romano

Mary Smith, wife in Wimbledon: Lisa Hatch

Stanley Gardner, lodger and good friend of John: Bill Collins

Gavin Smith, son of John and Barbara: Blaine Hatch

Vicki Smith, daughter of John and Mary: Erica Miranda

Dad, father of Stanley: Ken Pierson

BRTG Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup 


BRTG performed its bi-annual highway clean up on Saturday, April 21. Big shout out to all the volunteers who came out and cleaned our road! 

Spring Rehearsals Wrapped Up for Caught in the Net


BRTG wraps up over six weeks of rehearsals on Caught in the Net, which is now playing in local venues.

BRTG Spring Play's Program Accepting Advertisers 


BRTG is currently working on the program for Caught in the Act. Don't miss the opportunity to advertise in the program! You have until March 15, 2018!

Fall Production Announced: Moon Over Buffalo


BRTG will produce the comedy, Moon Over Buffalo by Ken Ludwig in the Fall of 2018.

BRTG Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup 


BRTG is performing its bi-annual highway clean up in April. Stay tuned for more details.

Auditions: Caught in the Net


Auditions were held in January. Cast members chosen. 

Tom Rodgers, Bill Collins, and Lisa Hatch reprise their roles as John Smith, Stanley Gardner, and Mary Smith.

New to the stage, Lucia Romero and Blaine Hatch give life to Barbara Smith and Gavin Smith.

Returning to the stage, Erica Miranda and Ken Pierson are Vicki Smith and Dad (Stanley's) respectively.

Ron Harris also returns as Director.

Fall Season Wraps up with Run for Your Wife by Ray Clooney


BRTG wraps up its fall season with a successful and well received production of Run for your Wife by Ray Clooney.  "One of the best plays you all have ever done.," was heard by an enthusiastic patron.

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